Wednesday, July 16, 2014

So close yet too far

A lot of frustration going on and on half of this year but what I forget is to count the blessing what He had give it to me. Non stop! One after another.

I don't want to stress for no reason, the consequences are bad....very bad. Thanks to Esah and Piah who keep listening to my frustration.

Work wise I enjoy what I have right now.....I've get very well with the rest. I don't care who has crew attitude or not. Maybe less please, thank you and all the magic words, but I think that what you should expect. Different grass, different Jiminy Cricket kan? Somehow I enjoy mengular and watch all the big birds. It's enjoyable. So close yet too far.

But I can't be someone else, CL is CL ya Piah. When it comes to something not right, I changed the melody so it's not sounds so hard but the strength is there...what to do if you looking for it. You deserved it. Don't get me with the attitude 'I don't know and I don't want to make an effort to do or try at least'. That's the most annoying thing.
satu lagi......

Selamat berpuasa 

let's see when I rajin to update lagi tata people

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